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Welcome to the debut episode of Saving the American Dream, where Michael Shulte of WestPac Wealth Partners will introduce you to the show and share his vision for what this will become.

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Show Notes For This Episode

The American Dream drives many of us to chase our ambitions for the opportunity to live the life we choose, but that dream has never been more difficult to achieve.

This year seems to be a microcosm of the challenges we face everyday as we try to build a financial future for ourself and our family. With so many obstacles to overcome, it’s important that you have the right help in your corner. That’s the goal of this podcast.

Michael Shulte got into finance after everything that happened in 2008 and the difficulties of 2020 have only confirmed his desire to work in this industry and help people reach their retirement goals. He will try to provide that guidance and share information for anyone that wants assistance chasing their American Dream.

Join us on this debut episode as he provides some background on his career and the company he’s a part of, WestPac Wealth Partners. He’ll also share the motivation for starting the show and what he hopes to accomplish with each bi-weekly episode.

Thanks for checking us out. We hope to talk to you again in a couple of weeks.

Navigating the Show

[1:01] – My background and why I chose finance.

[2:14] – Why the show and this name?

[3:23] – Who is WestPac Wealth Partners?

[3:55] – The challenge of the American Dream today

[6:02] – It’s critical now to have the right help in your corner.

[7:00] – What to expect from the show.